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Life's Journey
12/21/2016 11:33:25 AM

By Hakim Adul-Ali 

I'm now thinking of what I want to write about. At first I'm somewhat in a quandary and, seemingly, out of nowhere there comes a poignant thought for me to delve into, and that's communicating something about the journey of life.

This topic is one that has always been on my mind because I'm a very nostalgic thinker about many things, especially when it comes to the living experience. To me it's something that I, nor you, should never take for granted.

Life in this phase of living is not a "for sure" given because certain death lurks around the unexpected corners of our fragile existences. Simply put, no one knows when he or she is going to leave this earth, so life's journey must not be viewed as a trivial junket.
Regretfully, in some ways I sense that there many ethnic "colored" folk in all of "hue-manity" who may commit this rather undeniably obvious slight of mind initiative for different reasons. I hope that you're not one of them.

The living experience, during this phase of existence, is one that is full of eye-opening episodes to let a clear, spiritually reflective thinker know just how precious each moment is without denials or doubts. Taking that notable reality a step deeper, I have to testify to the fact that "life is a journey unto itself”.

You see, when I say that, I'm extremely humbled by the sheer knowledge that only the Creator Alone of everyone and everything is in charge of this reality we call existence. That's a spiritual key for me (and it should be for you) that allows me (and you) to worship, praise and give laudatory salutations only to the Most High Alone.

To be extended one more select moment in this remarkable space and time is a gift from the Most High Alone. I also know that the very next breath that any created being or thing takes is only from the supreme force alone of life, who has no other equal, and it's a part of "Life's Journey."

Life, the ultimate teacher, is full of many ups and downs. To say that the voyages of life are rugged tests is to put things mildly. I'm sure you know what I'm referring to, and with that concession, I've only just begun to describe what "Life's Journey" is really all about.

Sometimes, living in the today's hectic here and the technological now causes some unaware, forgetful beings and other insensitive spiritual believers to forget to give commendations, praises or laudations except to God Alone and no other. That's a difficult task for so many folk of modernity who don't seem to understand that no one created the Creator Alone of life and death.

To not properly understand that is a sure way to spiritual deception and inner misgivings as evidence by all the personal hatreds, political chaos and and religious intolerances that exists in the world. Sadly, "Life's Journey" is a strenuous and grueling ordeal for many ethnic "colored" folk living within the family cauldrons of global "hue-manity."

Respectfully, it's said that "the greatest struggle is within one's self." I don't know how you feel about that assertion, but I surely can testify that it is very real in my case.

I can say that without provocation because I've experienced so many varied and perplexing episodes in my life's voyages thus far until I can't deny the mercies of God Alone that have been extended to me. Hoping that you and I are on the same page with that last flow, I must also tell you that it's taken me sometime to fully comprehend the ultimate reality that everything happens for a reason, including the vexed disappointments, distresses, sorrows, pains, tribulations, hardships and miseries that have been in my and your pathways or journeys in life.

Knowing this now has provided me with the knowledge that "Life's Journey" is the ultimate tremendous educational passage way for understanding that all of the adversities that come our ways are, and have been, ones that were only placed there in our lives in order to make us stronger. Some reflective folk of "hue-manity" realize this without further explanation, and other dubious minds and faithless souls never get it. Do you?

"Life's Journey" is about visiting and building one's own mental growth while traveling on a one-way spiritually developmental mission. I've come to learn that applies in every sector of the known parts of the globe where life exists, because it was, and is, only there by the Most High Alone's created permission.

Understanding "Life's Journey" teaches me and the continuously aware students of spiritual learning and peaceful submission that life's awesome signs are of and from God Alone, and that life is a arduous journey and not a sober, limited destination. What kind of student are you?

All I need to substantiate what I just said is to look into the vastness of a cold winter's night and to experience the refreshing reminder the dawning of a new day is something to behold. "Life's Journey" is something to majestically behold always proclaiming that "God Alone is the Greatest."

When I hear the cries of newborn babies to witnessing the sights of the so many differently sculptured faces and skin tones of "hue-manity," I inwardly know that "Life's Journey" is something distinctive. Who else would I thank for these creations and allowing these beings to come into existence?

I'm forever in awe of what God Alone has crafted for our eyes to see and our minds to internalize, if we but open them to receive what the Creator Alone is exposing to us.

From looking at the picturesque mountains on high and from smelling the fragrant scents of nature in springtime, our ever-expanding zones of appreciations should always reflect that "All Praises are due to God Alone”. Life's beauty is unquestioned.

I also know that when I see reverence between peaceful folk of various ethnicities and spiritual traditions, I see mutual respect in the noblest ilk, which is also a reality in "Life's Journey." I pray for that understanding among all the world's ethnicities because, like I said previously, no one knows when death will call, and it certainly will. Hmm!

Wise global ethnic "colored" folk from every culture know and teach that there should be "love for all and hatred for none." Somehow, that seems to embody what "Life's Journey "should be all about in my view.

For today and always, that's, "As I See It."


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